Aliberk Candoğan


Sustainability Manager – Corporate Communication

Assesses and analyzes company policies and processes to identify areas in and processes to which improvements can be made in accordance with the organizations commitment to sustainability

Brainstorms and identifies creative ways in which the company can balance business obligations with the goal of respecting, supporting, and improving the local and global environments Drafts and implements sustainable organizational Policies that address environmental concerns Evaluates efficacy of sustainability programs; recommends and implements improvements as necessary

Conducts research to identify environmental and sustainability concerns, interests, and issues

Considers sustainability proposals with attention to factors such as cost effectiveness, feasibility, and ease of integration with other programs

Drafts and prepares reports, presentations, and proposals; presents proposals and recommendations to the Chief Executive Officer, board of directors, and other key stakeholders

Develops and maintains appropriate documentation and records including budgets and other financials

Prepares documentation required for project funding for various environmental initiatives including proposals and grant applications

Enhanced stakeholder communication regarding company sustainability efforts through regular updates via newsletters, presentations, website content updates.

Increased brand recognition as a sustainability leader by participating in industry events, conferences, and networking opportunities.

Ensured compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations by monitoring operations and reporting findings to relevant agencies.

Initiated and managed carbon offset projects to support the company''s greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Developed strategic partnerships with key stakeholders to enhance the company''s reputation as a leader in sustainability practices. Led interdisciplinary teams to achieve sustainability goals, fostering collaboration across business units and departments.

Developed sustainability project goals, objectives or strategies in collaboration with other professionals.

Collected data, evaluated trends, and authored in-depth reports detailing findings and proposing recommendations for each issue.

Eğitim, Lisans & Sertifikaları

Bahçeşehir University

Istanbul Aydin University